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Riegel Hall is a beautifully restored historic home reflecting the grace and genteel character of a bygone era. A lovely home with well-groomed lawns where weddings, receptions, corporate meetings, reunions, and other regal events are held. This upscale location will help make your events truly memorable.

Riegel Hall has private rooms available including a bride’s suite, groom’s room, and guest room. Additionally, there is a formal dining room, sitting room, outdoor fireplace, and patio. Other areas throughout the property are perfect for outdoor ceremonies, receptions, luncheons, or meetings as well. Riegel Hall is a beautiful venue with many picturesque locations just perfect for photos to record your special occasion.

Each wedding is unique. We invite you to have your dream wedding at Riegel Hall. Enjoy a Regal Experience at Riegel Hall. Contact us at (704) 472-8721 for more information.

Our Staff


Becky Sain

Event Venue Coordinator
Becky Sain is the Event Venue Coordinator for Riegel Hall. She is responsible for managing the logistics of all events including organizing the set-up for the event, space, coordinating with contract servicers such as catering, florist, photographers, and other services. Becky works with clients on the event design and décor, ensuring all necessary equipment is available. It is also her role to handle any unexpected issues that may arise during the event. As the Event Venue Coordinator, she is organized, detail-oriented, and customer service-minded in order to ensure that the event runs smoothly and that all guests have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Larry Henderson

General Manager
Larry Henderson works as staff for Riegel Hall Event Venue. As staff, he works to ensure that guests have a pleasant and safe experience throughout their time at the venue. Larry performs a variety of tasks as needed such as providing customer service, answering questions, setting up and breaking down event spaces, cleaning and restocking the venue, providing security and safety measures, and more. He strives to ensure guests have an enjoyable experience.

LeNita Painter

Wedding Planner/Creator
LeNita Painter loves all things wedding! She enjoys art, music, flowers and crafts. It was only natural for her to become a wedding planner. LeNita has been creating beautiful weddings for more than 9 years. Over the years, she has received lots of appreciation and compliments for her work. Each wedding and/or reception has been the vision of the wedding couple, and she has made it come true. Whether it is planning or creating the decorator for an event, she will work to make your vision come to life.

Nancy Self

Décor Specialist
As a Décor Specialist, Nancy is creative and knowledgeable in creating stunning designs and decorations that will make the wedding venue look beautiful and memorable. She works with the Wedding planner/Creator to choose the right color palette and décor elements that will fit the theme and style of the wedding. Nancy is also be knowledgeable in the placement of furniture, floral arrangements, lighting, and any other elements needed to create the desired look.

Regal Reviews

I have previewed this venue, it is absolutely gorgeous inside and out with many locations both in and out to have a wedding and reception. Everyone should go visit this beautiful home. The grand staircase gives a grand entrance.

-Eddie Brackett

Such a beautiful venue, we really enjoyed our time there!

-Jessica Warren

It a wonderful! Place. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this venue!

-Betty Stack

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Riegel Hall. Decorating for the event was easy with the natural beauty and setup of the areas we used (inside and out). Great layout, wonderful owners and the property is beautiful.

-LeNita Painter


Schedule your next event with our beautiful venue

We invite you to tour Riegel Hall by appointment. The facility has a grand entrance, formal dining room, sitting room, outdoor fireplace, and a patio, in addition to bedroom suites located on the second floor.  Other areas throughout the property are perfect for outdoor events as well. Enjoy a Regal Experience at Riegel Hall!

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